TI-92 Tutorial

Calculus with the TI-92 Calculator

Calculus Topics:
max and min

There are a number of built in calculus functions accessible with the TI-92 calculator. Most are listed under the MATH window. Before we start, please put the calculator in AUTO mode.


The derivative function can be entered by pressing the 2nd key then 8. To take the first derivative of the function f(x) = x3 . Enter

To take a different order derivative, enter the order next to the variable. The second derivative of the function above is show below.

Use the with | symbol to evaluate the derivative for a specific variable.

The TI-92 will take partial derivatives if you specify the variable.


To integrate and evaluate the function f(x) = x3 enter the following.

Note the limits of integration. If the calculators can find a closed form solution it will

evaluate the integral. If it cannot, it will display the integral expression.

The calculator will perform a numerical integration approach to evaluate an integral even though no closed form solution exists.

Double or triple integrals can also be evaluated.


The nInt() function numerically integrates an expression.


The avgRC() function returns the forward difference quotient (average rate of change) of an expression.


The nDeriv() function returns the numerical derivative as an expression. It uses the central difference quotient formula.

fmax() and fmin()

These two functions return a Boolean expression specifying candidate values that maximize or minimize an expression..