IMPORTANT! For returning students it is not necessary to re-register your vehicle, the system will automatically re-register your vehicle for you.
  1. Click the link "Home" above and then click "Continue", then "Enter Secure Area"
  2. Login: Enter your Student ID Number as printed on your deposit form or student ID card (You can also log on using your Social Security Number as your ID) and your login PIN (Personal Identification Number).
    IMPORTANT FOR FIRST TIME USERS! The first time you log in to Banner Web, your login PIN is a random set of six characters and numbers that you received in a paper letter or an email message to your Alfred State Account. After you enter your user ID and PIN, you will be asked to create a new login PIN (six characters). Be sure to make your new PIN something that is easy for you to remember, as it may be used in the future for many other purposes. This screen will ask you to re-enter your initial PIN, enter your new six character PIN, and verify your new PIN. Once you have entered all three values click "Login". Next, you will be asked for a Login Verification Security Question and Answer. Enter a personal question such as your mother's Maiden name, or the street address where you grew up, and provide the appropriate answer. This question and answer is used to access your account in case you forget your PIN. Make sure this question is easy for you to remember, and difficult for others to know. Agree to the terms of usage by clicking the "continue" button.
  3. Click "Student Services & Financial Aid Menu", then "Student Accounts".
  4. Click "Bill Processing/Adjustments".
  5. Click "Bill Processing/Adjustments" (again).
  6. Click "Select Term" if asked.
  7. Under your bill, there will a section to register your vehicle. Please select the "State", enter the "Plate Number", select an option under "Motorcycle, select the "Year", select the "Make" and select the "Color".
  1. Click the link "Home" above and then click "Continue", then "Enter Secure Area"
  2. Login: Enter your Banner ID (800 number, or you can also use your Social Security Number) and your login PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  3. Click on "Personal Information" and then click "Vehicle Registration".
  4. Select your vehicle state, plate number, year, make, and color. Then click "Submit". You will see a summary information page with instructions about how to obtain your permit
  5. To logout, click: "Exit", then "Return to Homepage". Close your web browser to secure your records.